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Fine Dining vs Casual Restaurant

The restaurant industry is one of the fastest growing industry employing more than 13 million people in 2008, and a strong source of revenue to the government. The growth in the restaurant industry is attributed to the modernization and a change in eating habits. There different types of restaurants such Fast Casual, Quick Service, Casual Dining,...
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What Makes Fine Dining in Hamilton So Special

What Fine Dining in Hamilton Should Be...

Most of us use the term “fine dining”. Dining in a nice restaurant offering good food is quite easy; however, there is much more to fine dining than just good food. This is why it is important to outline how Lo Presti’s at Maxwell’s Read more

Lo Presti’s Offers Fine Dining in Hamilton

What can you expect from Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s, a restaurant that offers fine dining in Hamilton?

Exceptional customer service – At Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s, we like to make our guests feel special. We start by meticulously training our wait staff...

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Unique Fine Dining Experience – Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s

The Unique Experience of Fine Dining at Lo Presti's At Maxwell's

Lo Presti’s at Maxwell’s is long renowned for fine dining in Hamilton, conveniently located at 165 Jackson Street East, Hamilton Ontario. Although it is, a long-standing business the last two years is more...

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