Fine Dining vs Casual Restaurant

The restaurant industry is one of the fastest growing industry employing more than 13 million people in 2008, and a strong source of revenue to the government. The growth in the restaurant industry is attributed to the modernization and a change in eating habits.

There different types of restaurants such Fast Casual, Quick Service, Casual Dining, and fine dining among many other types of restaurants that exist. They are classified based upon several aspects such as price, menu style, and preparation methods among other aspects considered. In addition, how the food is served is a very important aspect considered.

Lately, fine dining and casual restaurants have become very popular with many people on the globe preferring to dine in these restaurants. But what is the difference between fine dining and casual restaurant?

Fine dining is among the most preferred when it comes to the quality of meals and services delivery. They are full services restaurants that focus on providing certain meal courses. They employ renowned chefs, use unique and beautiful décor, and provide special meals.

Some of the features and challenges are as follows. Highly trained wait staff- the restaurants employ highly trained and skilled wait staff with formal attire. For instance, they employ renowned chefs.

Size – these restaurants are mostly small business with either a single location o few locations. Rules- fine dining restaurants have strict dining rules which customers are expected to follow. For instance, some fine restaurants have strict have specific dress code that visitors should always observe.

Prices – they prices of the meals and services are generally high. For example, in many fine dining restaurants, entrees are required to pay at least $20. Service style- the service style is always high quality.

With a well-trained and very experienced wait staff, they provide superb knowledge of wine and food that you may not find in the ordinary restaurants.Atmosphere- the atmosphere in these restaurants is totally unique and makes these restaurants unique. The lighting softens the mood: the music reflects the place; the décor are high quality and adds unique and an elegant perspective.

Needless to say, fine dining creates a lifetime and an exceptional dining experience. Casual diningCasual dining restaurants are restaurants that serve moderately priced meals in a casual atmosphere. Typically, these restaurants provide a table service. Some of its features include the following:They have a complete bar with different staff with a limited wine menu but a larger beer menu.

Price – casual dining restaurants are moderately priced. For example, the entrée are expected to $10 to $15. Rarely do their dishes go beyond $20.Service style- the visitors are seated by a hostess or host. Unlike fine dining, casual dining servers are not necessary highly trained and experienced. Servers take orders and also help to explain the menu. Usually, the service style is not as formal as in the fine dining. However, customers are served with a certain level of professionalism.

Atmosphere – the atmosphere in the casual dining is often family-friendly. Menu- like the fine dining, casual dining may specialise in providing certain food.


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